IELTS™ ACADEMIC - Free Diagnostic Test, European Communication School, zaterdag, 22. februari 2020

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Take the free diagnostic test of the IELTS™ Academic, under the official exam conditions and receive a comprehensive result report detailing your weaknesses and needs within 48 hours.
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What to expect the day of the IELTS™ Academic test?
The test will take 3-hours. You will take the free IELTS Academic diagnostic test and you will be tested on the following sections: Listening, Reading and Writing. The test is given under the official exam conditions. You should arrive at least 10 minutes before the test begins. On the official exam day, candidates are not allowed to enter the testing room if they arrive late.

What to expect after the IELTS™ Academic test?
Within 48 hours, you will receive a results report with a score per section. An Erasmus Center Education Consultant will give you an individualized plan on how to get prepared for the actual exam and to your target score. Please note: The practice test is not an official test and the report cannot be used for application purposes.

What to bring for the IELTS™ Academic test?
Pencils, erasers and draft paper will be available at the center. Feel free to bring your own material.  As it is a long test, we suggest that you bring water and a snack.

Is it an English level test?
No, it is a specific IELTS Academic test.  If you wish to assess your English level, please visit our page below:

Contact Us:
If you need advice on which test to take (IELTS, TOEFL or English), please call us on 02 614 64 74. 
If you want to book another diagnostic test, please visit our organisations page :  

IELTS™ ACADEMIC - Free Diagnostic Test

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