CUT.ME Philosophy, Antwerp, zondag, 20. oktober 2019

“Pascal van Loenhout can break a haircut down to the bare bones so the sectioning does all of the work for you. He’s humble yet self-confident, which shows in every cut he creates. He may come across all punk rock but he’s very creative and sensitive too; a man who is giving and wants everyone around him to have the best experience possible” -Kevin Murphy
Be immersed in the world of CUT.ME. What would be a better way than coming straight to the source! Take this unique chance to join a workshop by our Global Cutting Pascal Van Loenhout. Learn how to create looks that are long-lasting, put style over fashion with an ageless sense of quality and exude pricelessness. 
OUTCOMES: This inspirational 2-day course will take you on a journey to see how effortless it can be to create and maintain a sharp cut and to manipulate hair proportions for a result that is timeless, stylish and tailor-made for the individual.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Advanced stylists who want to explore the world of , enhance their approach behind the chair and offer more diversity for their cutting clients.

CUT.ME Philosophy

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