CoderDojo bootcamp: Arduino, BeCentral: Cantersteen 10, donderdag, 12. december 2019

Bootcamp: knowledge session for coaches – introduction to Arduino on 12/12/19 - 18.30h-21.30h

The class will mostly consist of hands-on exercises to strengthen technical skills to support kids learning how to program robots.
Exercises will be hands-on whenever possible. We will promote interactions and peer review and we will propose activities before and during the class.
This session will be delivered as 1 evening class (12/12).


Improve technical knowledge around Arduino and coaching
Network with other coaches / dojo’s


Introducing Arduino in your Dojo

Equipment and infrastructure needed
Before you buy: understand the different versions
Arduino : the physical device

Arduino features
Basic electronic components needed
Basic introduction to electronic circuits
mBlock or Scratch for Arduino : block based development environment

Installing the development environment
Understand the different modes of operation
Physical computing : experiment with leds, buttons, light sensors, buzzers…
Examples of projects kids could do
Arduino : text based development environment

Approach to move from block mode programming to text-based programming (Arduino C)
Advantages of text based programming
Barriers to overcome, as a coach, as a kid

Presenting Arduino boards to kids
Typical difficulties when dealing with Arduino boards
Typical difficulties when designing/assembling electronic circuits and how to support
Available material to support coaching
Support kids when presenting an Arduino project

Who should join ?
Prerequisites: this session requires a understanding of CoderDojo coaching approach and a basic knowledge of Scratch.
So we will welcome:

Coaches who already have a good experience of CoderderDojo coaching and Scratch
People who have attended the Coderdojo bootcamp.

What do you need to bring?

(optional) if possible, bring your Arduino board with you
Cool attitude

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We respect your privacy
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Of course, we also respect your data. Want to know more? Check out our privacy statement on our website.

CoderDojo bootcamp: Arduino

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