Chakra Sound Meditation Workshop, Schengenplein, zondag, 16. juni 2019

This is a seminar for people who want to heal - not only their bodies but entire aspects of their lives.
During the seminar, through sound frequencies I will guide you through a Chakra meditation personally (in either English or Dutch).
What we consider to be ‘matter’ is actually only energy vibrating at a different frequency, according to physics, it isn’t actually solid. This is also true for the body.
Healing your body on the one hand, and activating your chakra’s on the other using sound frequencies, is truly healing at the most basic level of our bodies. I believe sound frequencies can easily and effortlessly help you align to the frequency of health.
The first session will be an introduction to the meditation method. Following sessions we will work on the Chakra that is most relevant to the reason why you want to heal:
* interpersonal relationships* burn-out* long term ailments (such as persistant throat pains)* feelings of general tenseness that won’t go away* insomnia* spiritual reasons* interest in Chakra healing
Because this is a workshop to help me get started in the world of healing and spreading the knowledge, there is no price,  tips are welcome based on how helpful you yourself found the healing meditation. You are helping me as much as I am helping you - hence the “‘Humble’ Chakra Healing Sounds Meditation” name for the seminar.
I hope to see you soon at one of my introductory sessions. Love and peace to you!

Chakra Sound Meditation Workshop

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