AGL+ 5: ​Airfield Ground Lighting Design, ADB SAFEGATE, maandag, 09. september 2019

AGL+ 5 provides a 9-day introduction to AGL design, products and system characteristics and specifications to meet international standards such as ICAO as well as national standards prescribed by bodies such as FAA, EUROCONTROL, EASA, NATO, UK CAA and STAC. During AGL-Plus 5, you will design a complete AGL layout of a fictional airport.
What Is Covered?

Regulation and Standardization
General Airfield Knowledge
Navigation Aids
Operational Conditions
Design of Approach Systems
Runway Perimeter Lights
PAPI Calculation
Design of Taxiway Lighting
A-VDGS Installation Criteria
Power Supply
AGL Installation Criteria
Introduction to A-SMGCS
Introduction to Airfield Runway Incursion Warning System
AGL Controls System & ILCMS layouts

AGL+ 5: ​Airfield Ground Lighting Design

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